Dead Trigger 2 Review

I’ve played for around about 30 to 45 minutes of the game so consider this a bit of a first look to begin with but so far what I’ve seen is absolutely fantastic. Now, something to note, if you happen to have a high-performance Android device most likely the game isn’t detecting at the moment the increased quality, so better graphics better texturing better lighting etcetera. So pop into the game settings when you first get the game and just flick it on to high. I don’t know which devices are high by default but playing this on the Samsung Galaxy S4 there’s no slowdowns no glitching or anything like that so feel free, if you’ve got a modern Android device pop it on to high and see how you get on.

But overall it’s more of the same fantastic Dead Trigger action, lots of really fun zombies to kill weaponry to upgrade and a slightly kind of more engaging story mode this time where we have to go around saving the various people we need to form our resistance against the zombies and then over time we’ll get to link up with other resistance factions across the world. Missions are pretty much your standard kind of fare, go here find this, kill lots of zombies but they’ve also added some kind of mini-game-esque elements as well, such as a sniper session as well where you’ll have to be a sniper and obviously kill lots of zombies attempting to invade your, well, safe house really. Overall from what I’ve seen so far the graphics are absolutely fantastic, really really top-notch makes the Unity game engine just look like, well, a AAA game engine that you would expect to see from you know any of the leading game development companies.

Dead Trigger 2 has absolutely everything including those really beautiful looking lighting effects. Some of the new zombies that I’ve encountered so far have been pretty fun. This guy the kamikaze, basically he well he kamikazes. He’s got a bomb strapped to his chest take him out quickly otherwise I’m afraid he’s going to do you an awful lot of damage. Now Dead Trigger 2 does feature in-app purchases.

It is a free-to-play title so you know you might want to put your wallet on guard because it’s a game where you are going to be asked to put your hand in your pocket fairly regularly if you want to speed things up. As you upgrade various pieces of equipment and want to build weaponry it will take time. You can speed that up by using G dollars, an in-app currency basically which you can naturally buy in large bundles if you’d like to. This is a little bit of footage from kind of a mini-game level where we have to use this sniper rifle to take out the zombies. What was really cool about this is it’s not just a case of aiming and fire, you have to aim and then guide the bullet home.

That makes things a little bit more interesting and it gives you those opportunities to go for, you know, the double headshots and so on or wait, queue up a load of zombies as they’re rambling towards you and try and take a few out all in one go. Overall, Dead Trigger up on Play Store now, go get it, it’s free to play and it’s fantastic.